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WebWatcher will let you know if she is cheating on the Internet If you are here, you must be thinking she might be having a little cyber affair and, statistically speaking, you are probably making a correct assumption. Sure, she might be doing actual work on her computer in the middle of the night as she says she is, or she could very well be having a little Internet fling. When will that cyber affair become real infidelity? If she is spending more time online than she is with you, there are ways to find out what she is doing and who she is doing it with while she is online.

Internet infidelity or the threat of an online affair is quickly becoming the largest single issue that threatens a relationship. If she has actually been unfaithful, or even if there is a suggestion of interest in another man, your relationship automatically goes into a crisis mode. Online relationships or chat sessions have become a common and easy way to find adventure and diffuse stress and quite often lead to at least one face-to-face meeting. The fact is, affairs are addictions, both in real life and on the Internet. It doesn't make any sense to wait for the end result to find out what she is doing when she is on the Internet. WebWatcher is one of many computer spying or monitoring programs available that will allow you to monitor Internet infidelity while she is on her computer.

There lies a thin line between Internet infidelity real time infidelity, and it is crossed easily. The Internet infidelity quickly moves from cyber-sex to the hotel room. Some people may wonder whether intimacies exchanged with strangers online constitute an infidelity of some kind. Some men feel disturbed and threatened by their partner sharing intimacies with another man online, some just do not want to know. If you do not want to know, close your eyes and go back to sleep. If you do want to know, try a computer or Internet monitoring program that will open your eyes a bit.

If your relationship is open enough to discuss the ramifications of an online fling, then maybe you should try to talk to her about it. If she does not want to talk about it, there are ways to find out anyway. There are software programs available that will literally Spy On Her PC and record her Internet activity. Think about those lonely nights when you are watching TV, or worse yet in bed alone, and you can hear her tapping on the keyboard - what's she really typing? If you find out she is not having an online affair, then you still gained piece of mind.

There is no need to worry because it doesn’t take a computer genius to install a computer spy program either. All you need is about few minutes alone with her computer and to be able to follow some simple installation instructions and you will be well on your way to finding out exactly what she is doing online. WebWatcher runs in the background so she will not have a clue that you are spying on her computer!

WebWatcher has an invisibility module that was developed by former National Security Agency programmers. The WebWatcher computer monitoring program does not show up anywhere on the computer so you can safely Spy On Her PC without causing other relationship problems.

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"I never thought much about what she was doing on her computer so much until I ran across your site. I tried your recommended WebWatcher software and I'm so glad I did. I was watching her cheat on me right from my computer. She's gone now but thanks for opening my eyes."
Stephen from RI

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