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Do sexy texts constitute cheating? - Innocent texts that morph into full-blown affairs are now so common that one Los Angeles-based family therapist advises all married couples to have a conversation about what constitutes cheating. “Do not assume that everything is okay and that you’re on the same page,” says couples counsellor Sheri Meyers Gantman
Flirty texts and emails are “like a drug, and makes us want more,” says Gantman. “First, we go into fantasy, then we go into, ‘I wonder what it would be like if I were with this person?’ And then we start wanting to make it real.”
It can happen to anyone, even people in solid relationships. Read the Full Article>>

My husband doesn't know about my internet lover - After a fraught day in the office, Celine (32) can't wait for a little sexual healing at home. She kicks off her heels, unwinds in the shower, slips into something a little more comfortable, pours a glass of wine and, finally, beckons her husband to bed.
Then she fobs him off with an excuse about having more work to do and slinks downstairs.
A few taps of the keyboard later, while her husband nods off alone in their connubial bed, she's in the arms of her online lover -- fantasizing about things she'd never dream of doing with the man she married.
But the steamy clinch doesn't simply end when she powers off her laptop and snuggles into her husband an hour later.From chatroom to covert encounters, lust-consumed Celine has made the leap from the moral grey area of cyber cheating to actual adultery, Read the Full Article>>

An ‘e-motional’ affair is just a click away - Technology isn’t just enabling infidelity, it’s accelerating it at record pace.
Welcome to the age of the “e-motional” affair, where infidelity is just a click away and cheating has become easier than setting up a Wii. From iPhones and BlackBerrys to Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist, technology isn’t just enabling infidelity, it’s accelerating it at record pace: Flirtatious friendships, emotional affairs, the return of the ex, sexting, online porn and cybersex — with each new advance in technology comes a new way to cheat, and more and more of us are increasingly leading “digital double lives.”
When does a friendship cross the line and become an e-motional affair? Internet affairs are typically characterized by three distinguishing qualities: Read The Full Article>>

Online Infidelity Soars Because of Recession and Lay-Offs - More married men and women turn to the Internet to forget about their financial problems.
Losing one’s job after years with a certain company can – and even does these days – mean more than just a financial hit that will have one spending more time at home trying to find a new position. As the increasing number of members of infidelity websites (destined especially for married people looking for other married people) shows, the many lay-offs seem to have found a cure in no-strings-attached romances.
It’s fun, does not involve any longtime commitment and, what’s best, it implies meeting someone who faces the same risks as you do. Not only have these websites flourished into a highly lucrative business, but the number of members is also increasing exponentially. Read the Full Article>>

Online spousal spying widespread in the UK
One in five married UK couples admit to electronic snooping on their spouses, says a report from Oxford University . The report found that many married partners spy on their partner's emails and text messages. One in eight (13 per cent) confessed to checking on internet history files to monitor sites visited by their better halves.
The survey unearthed mixed feelings about technology. While many described the net as an essential tool for starting and maintaining a relationship, the majority (85 per cent) disliked the idea that their partners might be flirting online. "Online infidelity" was considered almost as bad as the real thing. Read the Full Article

When Does Cheating Cross the Line? - Online cheaters connect with other partners in cyberspace for adventures that range from erotic virtual encounters to basic flirting. While some don’t consider it cheating, many experts agree that online infidelity crosses the line – and can lead to real cheating in person.
Some justify “hot chats” as harmless fun, but this sort of behaviour has caused marital rifts – and has even lead to in-person affairs offline. At best, cybersex means that a partner starts spending time with someone besides their partner – time that can better be invested in the relationship. Since online flirting or online sex is simpler and fantasy-based, it can fuel desire even more, leading someone to seek a real-life affair. Read the full article...

The worldwide web of deceit - Thanks to the internet, committing adultery has become so simple that thousands are trying it. Tara Winter Wilson went online to get to the heart of the affair.
In a dark corner of an illicit bar on an illicit street, I waited for my victim. As far as he was concerned, I was a bored housewife in a sterile marriage in search of passion.
"I had this ordinary mundane life and then I had this other part of my life which was secret, exciting and fulfilling," she wrote. "The mistake I made, however, was falling in love and leaving my husband. When the divorce came through, I never heard from my lover again." Read the full article...

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