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Is Your Spouse A Cyber Cheater?

What if you found out that your spouse is engaging in a cyber relationship - should you feel you are being cheated on?

Well it depends. If your partner is just engaging in cyber sex, it usually is just sexual desires and fantasies they are living through a virtual world.

While that may still concern you, it is not really something concrete enough to feel like you're on the receiving end of an affair.

On the other hand if your spouse is getting emotionally attached with the person he or she is chatting with...then it certainly can be called an affair.

But then it brings about the never ending debate of what needs to happen for something to be called an affair. The fact is most of us relate to infidelity only by the physical acts being engaged in.

However, most affairs do not materialize out of lust for another, but because of the unfulfilled emotional needs we all have.

So with that in mind, it is really up to you to first define clearly in your own mind what you consider to be cheating.

One of the questions asked is how can someone get so emotionally involved with another without being able to see or hear them? While the complexity of the deeper human psychology is beyond the scope of this article, I can throw some light on this matter with a simple insight.

Two of the biggest reasons are that the usual social hurdles of slowly getting to know one another that happens in the physical world, are virtually eradicated. You can jump straight in to your inner thoughts and desires, while you hide behind a sense of anonymity.

And secondly, because there is a sense of adventure and mystery in this very new way of connecting with others.

While some may laugh off the whole notion that a cyber relationship can be classed as an affair, the hundreds of people who have fallen in love would disagree.

Tim Denio has helped hundreds of men and women learn to discover the truth about infidelity in their relationship. To learn how to stop being suspicious about your spouse and find out the truth visit his blog to discover what you can do to ease your pain during this difficult time, at http://bustedcheater.blogspot.com

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