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The following article presents some very important information on Internet cheaters. If you have a particular interest in Internet infidelity, then this informative article is required reading.

Forget bars, the gym, grocery store, or even an overseas vacation.

Internet chat rooms and dating services are now the No. 1 place where cheaters meet their secret partners.

People can log on to a website and within minutes flirt or hook up with someone in their hometown who is looking for the same type of discreet fun.

"Probably for a long period of time or at least since the 1960s, the workplace was indeed the preferred venue for finding someone to have an affair with," said Darren Morgenstern, founder of the Ashley Madison Agency.

Most of this information comes straight from the cheaters pros. Careful reading to the end virtually guarantees that you'll know what they know.

"The Internet is now the preferred choice, and that's especially (true) if you take into consideration all types of affairs. Having an affair isn't necessarily having intercourse with a person other than your spouse," he said, citing emotional infidelity, phone sex, and cyber sex.

Affairs in the workplace heat up in December due to free-flowing booze -- aptly dubbed "liquid courage" -- that lowers inhibitions at office Christmas parties, infidelity author Ruth Houston said.

"A person may have been admiring a co-worker and now with a bit of alcohol they feel bold enough to approach this person," she said.

In a Trojan Condoms survey (the pros), 33% of respondents said they have had sex with a colleague during or after an office holiday party, while 49% said they would go all the way if a co-worker was willing.

That's the latest from the cheating authorities. Once your brain digests these ideas, you'll be ready to find out more about Internet infidelity and how easy it is to cheat on the web.

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