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Internet Infidelity - The Shocking Implications For Every Relationship - Internet affairs typically begin from the comfort of your own home allowing users to talk in real-time by typing messages to each other through anonymous screen names.
They differ from other real life affairs in that they may not include a physical involvement; however, often the emotional attachment is still there. Internet affairs develop because of the dual attraction of attention and anonymity, and surprisingly enough it's the anonymity that often make them most alluring. Read the Full Article...

Internet Infidelity - Are You Prepared to Know the Truth? - Some of the most frequent signs of internet infidelity include: excessive time online, particularly at times when you are not around, Instant Messengers and Email accounts to which you do not have access, closing or shutting down the computer when you approach, positioning the computer so that no one can easily view the monitor, the history and temporary internet files are deleted after each use Read the Full Article...

Signs of a Cheating Spouse...and how they differ from Signs of Infidelity - Cheating is different from infidelity?
Yes, I believe so. Signs of a cheating spouse will be different from signs of infidelity.
In talking to thousands of people embroiled with a cheating spouse or infidelity over the past two plus decades, I've noticed a difference. In our society the word cheating carries different meaning than infidelity.
This is important for someone discerning the signs of a cheating spouse or the signs of infidelity. A person who "cheats" is different from someone who is involved in "infidelity." Read the Full Article...

Cheating on the Internet. Will it become "real" cheating? - Do you think your relationship could be threatened by a cyber-relationship? When will cyber-cheating become real for her. Is there a difference? Cheating on the Internet implies getting in contact with another person or persons through different methods, which are mainly websites or dedicated software made especially for this purpose.
It is important to mention that Internet is particularly successful in putting people in contact as it provides a way to interact with less inhibition and more caution when knowing somebody else than the real life.
The initial contact will be usually made by chat or email, which immediately will evolve into a chat conversation too. Once in communication through one of the hundreds of chat software programs available, any kind of information can be exchanged between the two persons like text, images, sound and even live video. Read the full article...

Extramarital Affairs - Why They're Seldom About Sex - It's funny how things change when affairs actually do take place. You can't imagine how many men and women I've met who without hesitation claim that if their spouse ever cheated they would immediately leave him or her. But when it does actually happen, a lot of them still want to make it work.
It is beyond the scope of this article to delve into the complexity of those of you who want to survive the affair. But I will share my thoughts on how, should you choose to stick it out, can do so by reducing the hurt and uncertainty during the process. Read the full article...

Is Your Spouse A Cyber Cheater? - One of the questions asked is how can someone get so emotionally involved with another without being able to see or hear them? While the complexity of the deeper human psychology is beyond the scope of this article, I can throw some light on this matter with a simple insight.
Two of the biggest reasons are that the usual social hurdles of slowly getting to know one another that happens in the physical world, are virtually eradicated. You can jump straight in to your inner thoughts and desires, while you hide behind a sense of anonymity.
And secondly, because there is a sense of adventure and mystery in this very new way of connecting with others.
While some may laugh off the whole notion that a cyber relationship can be classed as an affair, the hundreds of people who have fallen in love would disagree. Read the full article...

Marriages Doomed by Cyber Romance - Marriage counsellors say they are seeing more relationships shattered by secret cyber love trysts than ever, while lawyers report a rise in Internet-related divorces caused by infidelity.
New research shows that half of the people who find romance on the Internet are already in a relationship at the time, with some making multiple connections.
"It can be anything from somebody putting a big toe in the water outside the marriage to see if the grass is in fact greener on the other side, to quite explicit nasty sexual practices with cameras on computers while their beloved is tucked up in bed in the room next door," she says. "But often when they meet someone on the Internet, the marriage is already doomed anyway." Read the full article...

10 Signs Of Cheating - Is Your Spouse Unfaithful? - A common misconception that many have is that if their partner is cheating, they will be not want to have sex with you. This is simply not true. Some of the changes that should alert you, are decreased interest in sex, increased interest, more aggressive in bed and probably the biggest red flag being him or her wanting to try new sexual positions.
Another good sign is when you don't have access - While they may have been very open and casual about access to their email etc...now you're restricted with what you can access. Read the full article..

Cheaters Prefer Web - Forget bars, the gym, grocery store, or even an overseas vacation. Internet chat rooms and dating services are now the No. 1 place where cheaters meet their secret partners.
"The Internet is now the preferred choice, and that's especially (true) if you take into consideration all types of affairs. Having an affair isn't necessarily having intercourse with a person other than your spouse," he said, citing emotional infidelity, phone sex, and cyber sex. Read the full article...

The Truth About Cyber Affairs - Gone are the days when a would-be-cheater had to physically leave home to seek out someone with whom to have an affair. Now it can all be done in cyberspace without the risk of running into family members, nosy neighbors, or inquisitive friends and workmates. With a few clicks of the mouse, a potential cheater has instant access to an endless array of willing partners. A cyber affair can be easily initiated and conducted from the privacy of your home, with your unsuspecting spouse or significant other in the same room, oblivious to what is going on.
Many people question whether or not cyber affairs should be taken seriously -- especially, if there’s no sex involved. A cyber affair is a VERY serious threat. A cyber affair should be treated as seriously as a sexual affair, because left unchecked, that’s where it will eventually end up. Read the full article...

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