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Internet Infidelity - The Shocking Implications For Every Relationship

Internet infidelity is a very addictive behaviour. It is on the rise, and it threatens millions of relationships and marriages every day.

According to a recent University of Florida study internet infidelity is growing so rapidly that it will soon become the most common form of cheating on a spouse. Divorce lawyers and marriage counselors claim that it is indeed now one of the leading factors in marital breakdowns. This is a sign of how online relationships have assumed a new importance in today's world. The Internet has made pornography and fantasy relationships more convenient and more anonymous than ever before.

Ten years ago who would have ever thought it possible to pursue a relationship with someone, or even fall in love with them, without ever seeing them. Today it's a reality and it's happening more and more.

What are internet affairs?

Internet affairs typically begin from the comfort of your own home allowing users to talk in real-time by typing messages to each other through anonymous screen names.

They differ from other real life affairs in that they may not include a physical involvement; however, often the emotional attachment is still there. Internet affairs develop because of the dual attraction of attention and anonymity, and surprisingly enough it's the anonymity that often make them most alluring. This is because they are seen as fun sidelines without the risks of real life romantic scenarios. Internet affairs typically develop because the online relationship meets various social and psychological need, with self-esteem needs often appearing at the top of that list.

They are predominantly fantasy-based; but when the choice is made to meet in real life, that is when the danger begins. Internet emotional infidelity can be a stepping stone to other forms of unfaithfulness.

There are many questions about online relationships.

Why are Internet relationships so alluring even to people who would not otherwise pursue an extramarital affair? Are online relationships really cheating? Some people think that an online relationship with a complete stranger is not really cheating. But another view is that it is in a different way because it takes the love and companionship away from the other person in your relationship.

How would you feel if you discovered your loved one corresponding intimately with a complete stranger? The scary thing is that it's so commonplace now that it could already be happening.

Why should you be concerned?

The alarming statistics signify a new trend in how online relationships have assumed a new importance in today's world. Internet infidelity is as easy as clicking a mouse. It is real, and it can happen to you. Too many relationships are destroyed by internet infidelity for you to be complacent.

To learn how to deal with internet infidelity in your relationship or marriage here's what you must do next...

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Doug and Christina Young are Relationship Coaches who really can walk the talk, having survived infidelity in their own marriage and come out of it much stronger http://www.askdougandchris.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Doug_Young

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