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10 Signs Of Cheating - Is Your Spouse Unfaithful?

If you're suspicious of your spouse cheating on you, the first step you can take is look for the common signs of infidelity.

While they may not be conclusive, you are sure to get a clue in the right direction. Although there are several observations you can make in your partner, below is a list of the 10 most common signs your husband or wife maybe cheating on you.

Do you see any changes between the sheets? - A common misconception that many have is that if their partner is cheating, they will be not want to have sex with you. This is simply not true. Some of the changes that should alert you, are decreased interest in sex, increased interest, more aggressive in bed and probably the biggest red flag being him or her wanting to try new sexual positions.

Can you "sniff" out infidelity? - Pay attention when your spouse comes home smelling of a perfume other than his or her own; or any other smell, like tobacco etc. which are clearly not their own.

Does it "ring" foul play? - In our day and age no affair can last without communication on the phone. Look out for sudden changes in the pattern of phone behavior, whether it's the sudden need for a new cell phone, mysterious calls at unexpected times. You may notice your partner getting nervous when receiving certain phone calls...needing to go out of the room to answer a call etc.

Look for the paper trail - When one has an affair more often than not the expenses to support their hidden cheating life comes with more expenses. Watch out for unknown expenses on credit bills or reciepts left in his/her pockets.

Mood swings - Has your other half started to display errectic mood swings. Apparently needs more "space for themselves". They become more hostile and argumentative.

Where are they? - Is your spouse suddenly going off on lengthy errands? You notice they have recently picked up "hobbies" or are spending a lot more time with friends. Making a lot of excuses for abrupt changes in their routine.

Don't I look good? - Is your boyfriend or girlfriend paying more attention than usual to their appearance than before? Are they all of a sudden going on a fitness regime? This is a very common sign of a cheater!

What's that mark? - Pay close attention to your partner when they are changing their clothes....do you spot any bite marks or scratches or any other unexplained marks on their body.

You don't have access - While they may have been very open and casual about access to their email etc...now you're restricted with what you can access.

It's all in the eyes - One of the biggest signs of a cheating spouse is to avoid eye contact with you when they are lying about their whereabouts. If you see your other half always displaying fleeting eyes when answering you, it should raise a big "red flag"

Remember that you should never confront your husband or wife directly without having hardcore evidence or all you'll end up getting is an aggressive denial.

Copyright(2007) Tim Denio

Tim Denio has helped hundreds of men and women uncover the truth about infidelity in their relationship. To learn proven shortcuts to find out if your spouse is cheating on you visit http://www.cheatingspousecaught.com

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